3 Useful Windows Phone Apps You Have to Try Out

If you are using an Android device, there are plenty of apps out there and all sorts of tips and tricks on how to use them to enhance your user experience. But, while I was surfing the internet, I didn’t come across a lot of articles which dealt with the same subject matter, albeit featuring Windows phones. Of course, this is due to Android’s enormous popularity, and the lack of apps for Windows cell phones.

But, when Windows Phone 8 appeared, the situation began to look a lot better, and the prospect of buying a Windows phone, became much more appealing. Personally, I’ve been on the bandwagon for years now, but for those of you who are new to Windows Phone, or if you are thinking about buying a device which runs it, take a look at these useful bits of advice.iphone apps

Capture What’s on Your Screen

Taking a screenshot is finally possible with Windows Phone 8. All you have to do is press the Home and Lock buttons at the same time, which is miles simpler than the stuff you had to do before in order to capture a screenshot. Before, you had to have developer privileges, and then you had to use a developer-specific app. Needless to say, anyone can do it this way.

What Was the Name of That Song?

If you have a bunch of songs on your Windows phone, but don’t know any of the titles, you no longer need to download a dedicated app, such as Shazam for instance, in order to find out the name of the tune. Windows Phone 8 comes with a built-in song-recognition feature. To use it, tap the hardware Search button, and then the music icon in the bottom toolbar, and that is pretty much it. Let the phone do its magic, and come back with the exact title of the song. You will also be given a link where you can buy the song.

Battery Low…

My battery has a knack for running low at the worst moment possible, so this power-saving feature is one I can’t do without. To access it, go to Settings and activate the Battery Saver. What it will do is stop all the automatic syncing processes, such as email, and prevent any apps from running in the background. The basic functionality will still be left intact, and it will still do what it’s supposed to do – make and receive calls, send and receive texts. Of course, you can still choose to sync any app, but you will have to do it manually. What I also like is that you can choose to use the Battery Saver mode not only when your battery is critically low, but you can also keep it active all the time. If it’s active a little heart will appear over your battery indicator.

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