Choosing the Right Cell Phone Antivirus

Viruses have been a “privilege” of the PC world for a long time, but with the rapid development of mobile technology, that privilege has spread to cell phones as well. So far, the only thing that was preventing viruses from becoming more common is the fact that each cell phone model had its own operating system, and viruses and other malicious software are designed to infect a specific platform.

Needless to say, it is essential that you protect your mobile phone in the same way you would protect your PC. Without further ado, here are some of the options which can help you protect your cell phone:

Norton Mobile Security

A familiar name in the PC realm, Norton also offers mobile security. Besides providing protection from viruses and Norton for Mobilemalware, Norton Mobile Security has some interesting options, such as lock-out capability for filtering unwanted messages and calls, remote find and remote locking in case your cell phone is stolen. Once you’ve accessed your device remotely, you have the option of using a wipe feature, which will delete all the data you have to prevent someone from abusing it. Supported platform is Android 2 or later, and it requires less than 2 MB of space. You can download a free LITE version and check it out.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Another household name in the antivirus business, Kaspersky offers antivirus and spam protection, data encryption, firewall and much more. Supporting numerous platforms, like BlackBerry 4.5 and up, Symbian, Android 1.6 and up and Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, Kaspersky Mobile Security is not free some like some of its competitors, but Kaspersky often has special offers, so, given the right moment, you can get it for about $15, which is half the price.

ESET Mobile Security

ESET mobile security provides firewall, remote wipe and spam protection. Similar to its PC counterpart, it has portable memory scanning and evaluation of files uploaded via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared, quarantine and so on. You need about 1 MB of memory to run it. Supported operating systems include Windows Mobile 5.0 and later, and some versions of Symbian. However, with price set at $59.99, it’s pretty expensive, but you can test if for free for 30 days.

AVG LogoAVG Mobile Antivirus

Another name PC users will be familiar with. In fact, they will feel right at home. AVG Mobile Antivirus is a free antivirus application for Android mobile devices, which, apart from locating and removing viruses, has the ability to perform scheduled scans, as well already previously mentioned wipe feature, by using GPS to locate a lost or stolen device. You can expand its features for less than $10, by adding anti-phishing and anti-spam options.
This list is not complete by any means, and finding the right fit may take you some time, but you should adopt some habits that will make you less vulnerable. You’d want to avoid pirated software, patches, updates, or emails from an unknown source, as well as learn to update your antivirus on a regular basis.

Now all you need is a new cell phone now – so check out these ones!

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