A Free and Easy Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPhone

I want to share my experiences with Jailbreaking the iPhone and in the process save you a lot of time and effort. The first thing I will tell you is that I am by no means an “expert” or a tech geek in any way, but that is the point – this method is perfect for anyone to jailbreak their iPhone with a minimum of fuss. And best of all it is totally free. There is no need to pay for any jailbreak software in fact they are a complete rip off in my opinion. This is not the definitive guide – but this is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to jailbreak an iPhone.

What is Jailbreaking an iPhone?

When Apple designed the iPhone they made it so that it would only be able to work with Apple software apps – and so control the market – or so they hoped. Some smart tech geeks got to work right away and discovered how to “hack” the operating system and allow third party software to be used on the iPhone. Jailbreaking your iPhone is basically adapting the operating system (OS) to allow you the freedom to use other software – either free or paid.iphone jailbreak

The apps market today is huge, with literally thousands of weird and wonderful add-ons to enhance your phone. If you have a standard iPhone which hasn’t been jail broken you are limited to buying only what Apple has to offer – you are jailed!

Jailbreaking your iPhone is perfectly legal and it is totally reversible. People often say that your warranty may be void if you jailbreak, which is actually true – if you are not smart! If you need to return your phone under warranty you just need to restore your old OS before bringing the phone near Apple.

Simply upgrading your operating system will remove the jailbreak. So don’t worry and just follow a few simple precautions and your warranty will be fine.

A Quick Tip about Jailbreaking Guides

The first time I wanted to try Jailbreaking I got stuck into some research online. The amount of information out there is amazing, but that is part of the problem. I got lost in all the conflicting ideas and the impossibly detailed explanations and guides. I only wanted to play with a couple of apps and escape the evil clutches of the big company! This seemed like an incredibly complex operation way beyond my limited capabilities.

You have to remember that most of this stuff is written by people who really love all the technical details – real geeks – not just an average person who has a little experience. Avoid reading too much about the subject, I can guarantee you will end up confused. Don’t worry about tethered or un-tethered jailbreaks, or whether you need XY or Z software downloads for your iOS version. It really can be a lot easier than many people make out. You don’t need to become an expert you just need to get the job done.

Before You Begin – Important!

Just like when you are going to do anything with your PC – always make a backup! Why do people read this information and then ignore it? It’s simple, you can backup your iPhone to your computer using iTunes – most iPhone users should be familiar with this – Google it if you are not sure. As long as you have a good working backup, everything you do will be safe and you don’t risk loosing data. Remember that the whole process is reversible – so loose your fear!

The Easy Way to Jailbreak an iPhone

After what seemed like days of mind bending searching on the internet I found this method. I don’t take any credit for this system – I just happened to find it and it works. This first method works for all but the latest OS systems – it also works for iPad and iPod Touch.

Using the iPhone you want to jailbreak go online and type this website address in – www.jailbreakme.com  – you don’t need a PC or any cables, just the phone. The site will recognize your phone and OS and if it is compatible it will automatically prompt you to install Cydia.

Cydia is basically a software app which acts as a gateway page to all of the software downloads from outside Apple. Simply follow the instructions – I think you need to press two or three buttons on the touch screen, and Cydia will download automatically. It will close and Cydia will be on your start screen – that is it, your iPhone is jailbroken and you are free to explore all the apps and customizations available. I couldn’t believe just how easy this was, especially after reading some very detailed and complicated instructions online.


Jailbreakme is also updated regularly and they seem to crack the latest OS versions pretty quickly.

What if Jailbreakme Doesn’t Work?

Well I found another way, which is just a little more hands on but still easy. Log on to Jailbreakme.com with your PC or laptop this time and go to the link which says “or use a different Jailbreak on your computer”. This will bring you to a page with the latest downloads. Just select one to match your operating system and device, follow the instructions and download it to your computer. You can then install it on your iPhone with one click – easy as!

At the time of writing there is support up to iOS 5.0.1 but throughout 2012 there will be more updates – this is a constantly moving process, when a new OS is released a hack soon becomes available.

So there you have it, Jailbreaking an iPhone for the technically challenged. Jailbreakme is by far the easiest solution I have seen and it works so easily. Save a lot of time and effort and go straight there – before the geeks blow your mind. Totally free and easy to use with no catches.

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