Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series

In the past few product releases, Samsung has been lagging behind the iPad somewhat when it comes to the tablet market. However, with its recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, many think that the gap between the two tech giants is slowly closing. Especially, noting that one definitely comes at a lower price tag! The contents below will review the new device of Samsung, and what you, ‘the consumer’ can expect from it!

The Unveiling – Inside the Box!

As with most Samsung products, the packaging for the Galaxy Tab 3 was quite minimalistic, and inside the recycled

galaxy tab 3

box were the following (all items that can come in handy):

  • USB charging cable
  • Micro USD charging wall adapter
  • Various documentation e.g. accessory guides, Quick start guide, Galaxy Perks etc.

External Specs…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes in three different sizes – 7inches ($199+), 8 inches ($299+) and 10 inches ($399+, which definitely adds value to the device, knowing that it can come in all different shapes and sizes, therefore appealing to all users.

You can also choose from two colors – Gold Brown or White, which also positively adds to the sleekness of the gadget.

Internal Specs…

All sizes come with the latest Android operating system (4.2.2) and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, Wi-Fi and rear-facing cameras. It is important to note the rear-facing camera does go up in mega pixels (3.0MP – 5.0MP) depending on the device. This is also true with the resolution quality, with the minimum being 1024 x 600, and maximum going up to 1280 x 800.

The 1.5 GHz dual-core processor allows for the device to maintain its speed whilst allowing the user to be able to multi-task within its battery life of eight and a half hours.

In terms of memory, this ranges from 8GB – 16GB, with a further increase of up to 64GB, if you purchase a micro SD card.

Additional Great Features Include:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series also includes all additional features that come with the Android software. For example; Google+, Google Maps, the Google Play Store etc. Many popular and cool apps, such as YouTube is already pre-loaded onto the device even before it’s registered by a user!

Another cool application that users should definitely look forward to is the Peel Smart Remote App. A nifty idea, that allows the user to use their Galaxy Tab to plug into new TV shows based on their tastes and preferences. The app recognizes this when the user first programs their TV into the app accompanied by their zip code. You are instantly given a list of TV shows and channels, instead of having to flip through the TV trying to find something to watch. What is also fantastic is that you can use your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to switch channels, or turn on or off the television once you have the app up and running successfully.

Overall Thoughts – to buy or not to buy?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is definitely worth a look and a purchase, especially if you are a big fan of Android devices. It is definitely comparable to the iPad, and the various sizes of the device are attractive for everyone.

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