What do you know about Avast Free Antivirus 2014?

The latest Avast! Antivirus offers a streamlined and creative UI along a good combination of intuitive key tweaks not only in the front-end but also in the back-end. The software incorporates user data management as well as strong privacy utilities for the prevention of unauthorized access to a PC. Arguably, this antivirus seems to have been the most reliable and user-friendly security tool in the world of free security products.

How avast! Free Antivirus 2014 makes 200 million people happy— Pros?

Significant improvement of UI

The latest product from Avast has earned excellent ratings from various independent experts who have already conducted checks on its effectiveness. The system includes a uniquely designed File Shredder that ensures greater amount of security than all other competitors’ products do. It comes with some significant improvements on its user interface to give all users an easy access to different types of free apps for the protection of tablets or mobile devices.

Fewer Shields

Avast’s 2014 edition streamlines a good collection of all its real time shields against the possible malware. Althoughfree_antivirus2 users of the previous versions had to see status and configure eight different shields, users of this new version confront only three shields of which all are quite easy-to-understand. The shields are Mail Shield, Web Shield, and File System Shield.

Apart from providing simplified navigation facilities, the software includes a file management system that can produce smart decisions on unknown file types or new data. There is an enhanced opportunity to scan and analyze crowd-sourced items to check if there is any malicious item.

File encryption is fantastic while malware cleaning facility is superb. The new edition of antivirus can not only scan but also install items using safe mode. To tune network components, it offers increased protection compatibility. Faster video streaming and multiple malware removal options are some of its exclusive features.

In addition to checks for website reputation and Do-Not-Track features, the product also ensures protection against numerous websites that are typo-squatting. Also, you can get in touch with the technical department since the latest version includes free supports on technical issues.

How avast! Free Antivirus 2014 proves to be inadequate— Cons?

Malware blocking using heuristic detection module.
Despite the fact that Avast has some popularity for its malware-blocking feature, its heuristic malware detection has been reported to have blocked several valid programs running in the system. Many expert users also reveal that they faced difficulties when they tried to exclude some of their valid programs which were wrongly-blocked.

Inadequate phishing protection

There is a controversy that the phishing protection of the latest antivirus software lacks propriety while developers claim that the product encompasses “Dual Phishing Protection”. A security plug-in included in it prevents websites which show illegitimate attempts to steal your computer’s security credentials.

Its Web Shield employs necessary blocks when accessing to various fraudulent sites. The shield also labels the sites as either “Phishing-Q” or “BankFraud-N”. However, the so-called poor Dual Phishing system is reported to provide an inadequate detection rate which is only 32%.

Unavailability of Automatic Updates

Though there is a button labeled “Activate automatic updates” in its UI, users cannot get an update, and they find an offer made to upgrade to the premium version instead. Both the SecureLine VPN and the AccessAnywhere require users to make separate purchases.


Some products or software can easily win the heart of millions. In fact, Avast! Free Antivirus 2014 is considered an outstanding security companion for PCs by hundreds of millions of people. Now, what do you think about this new version? Of course, the eyes of 200 million people should not make mistakes. Why are you waiting? Let’s join the vast Avast user community.

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